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The Underestimated Heartbreak of Children and Food Allergies

The prevalence of preventable life-threatening allergic reactions in schools and daycare centers is staggering; according to the Food Allergy Research & Education Foundation, nearly 6 million children have food allergies, and those with associated anaphylaxis are on the rise. According […]

International Survivors Of Suicide Loss Day How To Support Survivors Of Suicide
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International Survivors Of Suicide Loss Day: How To Support Survivors Of Suicide

In the United States, the Congress appointed the Saturday before Thanksgiving as Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. The purpose of this day is for friends and family members who lost a loved one to suicide to come together to support […]

Florence Nightingale Founder Of Modern Nursing Infographic
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Florence Nightingale: Founder Of Modern Nursing [Infographic]

Florence Nightingale is a towering figure in the nursing profession. No single person has contributed more to the field than she. Her work saved countless lives in the Crimean War and captured the world’s attention in the mid-1800s. She pioneered […]



The Three-Dimensional Thinking In Nursing

Have you ever considered your inherent thinking process? What are the depth, and width and height of your thinking? Examining your own thinking matrix could prove valuable as it might just encourage you to utilize your brain one step further […]

cocktail sword pick
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How A Sword Fight Saved My Patient

As I began pediatrics training toward my RN degree, I was well aware that of the three clinical instructors available, a former military nurse who I’ll call Ms. Smith was not the one most students would wish to learn under. […]

Premature Birth
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We’re All A Little Twisted

There are times as a nurse when you get the distinct impression your patient does not like you. On a labor and delivery floor, this is often the case as I tell my patient that we are going to deviate […]

Utah Nurse
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Utah Nurse Who Refused To Draw Blood From Unconscious Patient Settles Over Rough Arrest

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah nurse who was arrested for refusing to let a police officer draw blood from an unconscious patient settled Tuesday with Salt Lake City and the university that runs the hospital for $500,000. Nurse […]

5 Things Nurses Say Under Their Breath
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A Closer Look At Sexual Harassment In The Nursing Industry

For a nurse, sexual harassment can come in the form of unwanted flirtation or even sexual assault. Unfortunately, nurses are significantly more likely to encounter some form of sexual assault or harassment than professionals in other fields. According to a […]