Lethal Workouts: CrossFit

CrossFit is a popular fitness program that combines rigorous plyometrics, Olympic-style and power-style weight lifting, speed training, gymnastics, body weight exercises, and endurance exercises to target all the major components of physical fitness. While CrossFit has made headlines as an […]

Nurses Week 2018

Call of Duty: 5 Reasons To Man Up and Be A Nurse

We don’t just need more male nurses. We need more nurses, period. Last year, the Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing conducted a survey among 53,000 Registered Nurses in Illinois. One-third of the nurses over the age of 55 intended to […]

Gloria Williams
Nurse News and Opinion

Fraud Nurse Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping Baby

A 52-year old woman from South Carolina has pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping and interference with custody, almost two decades after allegedly posing as a hospital nurse and taking a newborn girl in 1998. Gloria Williams allegedly took Kamiyah […]

Nurse News and Opinion

Dr. Janelle Luk: The Face of Fertility Treatment Success

Scrubs Magazine is proud to introduce one of it’s latest additions, Dr Luk from Generation Next Fertility. Dr. Luk joins Scrubs Magazine as resident author on all things Fertility in the medical field. You’ll see regular articles, podcasts and features […]

Nurse News and Opinion

Sexual Assault in the Workplace: It Can Happen to You

It goes without saying that being the victim of sexual assault is one of the worst things a person can go through. Victims are often scared, scarred, and too terrified of shame and judgment to speak out. Often, they just […]

Nurse News and Opinion

Does Oral Sex Really Cause Cancer?

As a nurse, this might seem like one of those odd questions you get doing triage in a clinic. Patients often come in asking strange questions when they are scared and not sure what is going on with their bodies. […]

Nurse News and Opinion

The History of Nurses Week

Nurses Week, as we know it today, started in 1982, when President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation announcing that May 6 would be “National Recognition Day” for nurses. The signature from the President formally confirmed a day that had been […]

Fun & Humor

Nurses Take Disneyland: Nurses Week 2018

On Monday, May 7, Mickey and Minnie Mouse will welcome thousands of very special visitors—nurses– to Disneyland California when Cherokee Uniforms, along with Scrubs Magazine and sponsors Wanderly Nurses, Emerald Health Services and Littmann Stethoscopes, celebrate National Nurses Week at […]

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